Recordings from my own voice over studio

It is very easy. You send the voice over text by email and you tell me about the tone of voice you’d like for your project. In most cases you’ll receive the recording within one day. Yes, it can be as simple and efficient as that.

If you don’t quite know yet what tone of voice you’d like for your voice over, please listen to the samples here voice-over. And let me know which one you like best for your project.

For studio specifications, microphones etc. please take a look here here.

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own studio

Flying paper

You send me the text by email and together we determine the desired timbre and dynamics. Listen to the samples here. Rates depend on length and purpose of the production.

Radio with sound

The recordings are made in a professional studio and you will receive them in your inbox within 24hrs. If you prefer a studio of your choice then that is possible too of course.


How to put into words what you’d love to hear

You can use the above examples to make clear to me in a simple way what you would love to hear. You can choose one example or a combination of voice over samples. Something completely different or new is also appreciated. I always love to find you the perfect sound and with pleasure and commitment put myself to the task to bring you the desired result.

Een van de beste voice-over microfoons ter werled

Rates for voice over work

The rates of voice over projects are dependent on length and purpose of the production. Factors involved are the use of media, the length of use and the possible public reach. For example, a radio commercial for the annual beach party on ParadiseFM on Curacao has a smaller range than a nationwide television commercial, or internet and cinema campaign for Sony for example. For charities I calculate an adjusted rate in many cases.

For booking, option or quotation call +31611293772 or send a message.