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Bob Stoop Acteur Wat is dan Liefde

Film & Television

Bob is a multitalented Dutch actor, who has worked extensively in Film and TV in both comedic roles as dramatic ones. His most recent work includes Zillion (Belgium), Ferry, Wat Is Dan Liefde, Familie Kruys, Het geheime Dagboek van Hendrik Groen, De Club van Lelijke Kinderen, De Staatsgreep, Studio Snugger, Verborgen Verhalen. Bob is the smooth host of Nederland Gezellig, a satirical online Talkshow by De Speld.

For earlier credits, check out his IMDB: -> IMDb.me/bobstoop


Bob is most famous for his beautiful, deep voice. As a voice over, he recorded commercials for both national and international brands. He brings back the Dutch history of the fine arts by portraying the voice of Vincent van Gogh for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. He also runs his own professional voice over recording studio in Amsterdam. 

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Bob starred in Monthy Python’s Spamalot directed by Eric Idle. He played the lead role of Radames in Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida by The Dutch National Opera. Other credits include his own work, written and performed by himself in The Netherlands and Belgium in the alternative circuit.


After graduating in Economics at the University of Amsterdam (with the second study Philosophy) Bob started a four year full-time course at the the Amsterdam University of the Arts / De Theaterschool. He graduated specialising in physical acting and performance theatre with the solo performance Suddervlees directed by René van t Hof.

The first years after college he played, wrote and directed several theatre productions in the Netherlands, after which he joined the Flemish theatre company Ontroerend Goed. From 2005 to 2007 he was part of the artistic core as they grew into a structurally subsidized company. He co-created and performed several shows including The Smile off your Face (winner of international awards including Edinburgh Fringe 2007 and Adelaide 2008).

After four full years of theatre acting, writing and directing in both Belgium and the Netherlands Bob decided to return to the Netherlands and focus entirely on acting.


The film ‘The life of Geert Groote’ was nominated and made it to the finals at New York’s TV & Film Festival. 

Bob was awarded ‘Best Actor’ for his leading role in the short film ‘Onvoorwaardelijk’ in 2012. 


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