Radio commercials as well as tv commercials or online commercials mostly have a voice over. Sometimes you notice, sometimes it so logical or blended in that you won’t realize there is a voice over at all. A voice actor describes what happens, brings life into the commercial or corporate video. This feel can add to a big amount of the way the commercial is perceived. The production will be given a human voice and feel.

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own studio

Flying paper

You send me the text by email and together we determine the desired timbre and dynamics. Listen to the samples here. Rates depend on length and purpose of the production.

Radio with sound

The recordings are made in a professional studio and you will receive them in your inbox within 24hrs. If you prefer a studio of your choice then that is possible too of course.


Bob Stoop voice actor?

I have been working as a voice actor for over ten years. I visited many studios in the Netherland and abroad but also do a lot of voice over jobs from my own recording studio which is located in the heart of Amsterdam. I work for big and small brands and clients, for commercials, documentaries, corporate and web video’s, explainer videos etcetera.

This experience allowes me to act fast and understand quickly what a client is looking for. It usually won’t take longer then a day the recordings to be final and delivered.

You can listen to more voice samples here or feel free to contact me.