I can record in my own professional voice over studio. In most cases I can send you your voice over recordings within one business day. It is a professional studio with equally professional equipment. The studio was formerly used for recording national radio and television commercials, and is now entirely at my disposal. So no recordings from an ennobled  broom closet, but a fully equipped voiceover studio. This is what I offer because I think it is important to always deliver the highest possible quality.
You can also view the more detailed process description for the ease and speed of it all.


Professional recording room (3x3m)
Neumann U87 ai/ AKG C414 / Neuman TLM 103
Focusrite ISA 430 Producer Pack
Yamaha O2R
Pro Tools/ Fairlight Dream 2
Realtime (option)
Direct listen via ISDN (APT, Mpeg 2, 3) including technician
play Download This is how my Studio sounds

own studio

Flying paper

You send me the text by email and together we determine the desired timbre and dynamics. Listen to the samples here. Rates depend on length and purpose of the production.

Radio with sound

The recordings are made in a professional studio and you will receive them in your inbox within 24hrs. If you prefer a studio of your choice then that is possible too of course.



And for example, you are looking for a studio on location, I can put you in touch with customers / clients where I have good experiences. That goes for audio post, sound design, composition, and everything around it.