Prijswinnende commercials

Onderstaande radiocommercials vielen in de prijzen bij de RAB Radio Advertising Awards 2016.

  • ‘Holland Casino – Man-Vrouw’ won de prijs beste radiocommercial vakjury bij de RAB Awards 2016.
  • ‘Amstel Radler – Ringbandjes’ was finalist voor de publieksprijs 2016 bij de RAB Awards.
play Download Amstel Radler 0.0
play Download Holland Casino - Man/Vrouw

Method own studio

You send me the text by email and together we determine the desired timbre and dynamics. Listen to the samples here. Rates depend on length and purpose of the production.

The recordings are made in a professional studio and you will receive them in your inbox within 24hrs. If you prefer a studio of your choice then that is possible too of course.

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Bob Stoop_Voice-Over_RAB Awards

Bob Stoop_Voice-Over_RAB Awards